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COVID-19 Pandemic:  KBSJ SRA Response

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has been declared a National Disaster by our president, who has called on all of us in South Africa to comply with directives and advice issued by the authorities and to do whatever we can to reduce the spread of the virus in our communities, and to assist those in need where we can.

This note outlines what the SRA is doing to contain or slow the spread of the virus and to provide assistance to those in need in our community:

  • The SRA office is equipped with sanitizers, gloves and hand wash for use by staff and visitors. All staff and our contractors are required to wash their hands at least once every hour while on SRA premises.
  • We will actively limit all physical contact or close proximity as far as is possible and will strictly abide by the guidelines on social distancing and physical greeting etc.
  • Consequently:
    • All non-essential meetings have been suspended, including, for example, board meetings and our weekly security meetings. However, close contact will continue to be maintained by phone and email and all necessary decisions and actions will continue to be taken.
    • Our Manager, Gail Daniels, will operate from home as far as possible.
  • ALL our services will continue as before: Lake Security will continue to patrol our streets and public spaces and our security cameras will be monitored; our cleaners will continue to clean our residential streets and Anna Els, our Social Development Co-ordinator will continue to hold her weekly clinics.

We all have a responsibility to help each other at this challenging time. Friends, family and neighbours will help each other as they have done in the past. This spirit of assistance and cooperation will continue to be one of the greatest strengths of our community and will be tested and proven again.

The SRA is contributing to this communal effort by inviting any resident who may be  confined or incapacitated due to the effects of COVID-19 to contact our Social Development Co-ordinator, Anna Els, who will advise how best to address the resident’s incapacity. Obviously, the resources of the SRA are very limited and residents are requested to make use of this offer only in cases of real distress and after seeking help from neighbours, family and friends. Anna’s email address is and her mobile phone number is 0733556807.

We are all in this together. As we have done in response to other crises, most recently the threat of Day Zero, our community will again pull through and emerge as united and resilient as ever!