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Good Day

Clearing around Kalk Bay

In the past two weeks the following activities have taken place

1.  Outspan

Marked improvement in cleanliness after Bonnie (one of the car guard’s sons) started cleaning. It is hoped that this service will be extended to the Clairvaux gardens in front of Harbour Road, once we have worked out how this will be financed

2.  Triangular strip bound by Anderson and Gatesville

This has been given a thorough clean. The hedge has been cut back, thus preventing persons from sleeping and defecating there. The whole piece of land has been cleaned and Selwyn from the park will water it. Incidentally a vicious knife stuck into ground beside a bush was found in this area as well as tops of bottles which had been used for Tik. Our thanks to the concerned residents who initiated and paid for this clearing.

3.  Small piece of land corner Windsor and Gatesville

A start has been made on this area. All debris has been removed, area raked etc and it now remains to do some planting

4.  Slute running from Boyes Drive to Gatesville

Council cleaned and weeded this and cemented holes through which weeds had been growing

5.  Clearing of fields between Boyes Drive and Gatesville

The top field particularly is in need of serious pruning. Parks have advised that they need ‘community buy in’ before removing aliens and cutting back indigenous plants. Most neighbours are all in favour but if anyone has a problem please let us know so that this task can be completed

6.  New Jersey Barrier

The yellow goodie on the triangular strip of land is known as a New Jersey Barrier, in case that ever comes up in a Trivial Pursuit clue! We asked for it to be removed and a brick layer came to make the gaping gutter behind it safe. The unsightly barrier has now gone

7.  Lever Street Park

Jungle gym has been fixed and varnished. Council has painted all the play equipment. It was all systems go at the park with many community minded people joining in to get the park 101% before the eagerly anticipated Concert on 8th March

8.  Open Plot Gatesville

Many thanks to the 2 very co-operative owners of the plot who were requested to put a gate at the entrance saying “No entry”. They went a good deal further, did a massive clear up finding all kinds of drug paraphernalia in the area. Many thanks for being so community minded.

Bit by bit we are getting there!


 Before and after



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